Ratatap Drums
The most fun, realistic, and flexible drum kit on the App Store.
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$2 for the full version/free with ads.

☆ Ratatap Drums rocks. ☆

The harder you hit the drums, the louder they sound. Swirl your finger around for slower or faster rolls. The drum sound varies slightly from hit to hit, just like real drums.

☆ iPhone/iPad/Retina display universal!
☆ Hundreds of 44.1khz hifi drums!
☆ Realistic blending of drum strikes!
☆ Bend the pitch of your toms and tablas!
☆ Multitrack recording and online sharing!
☆ You can even share your performances online on the web! Tweet, tweet!
☆ Jam out with your iPod library tracks.
☆ Try our "Dueling Drumsets" - two people rocking out on one iPad or iPhone!
☆ So much more! Editing appearance, position, and size of drums! Volume variance! So much more!

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Ratatap Drums



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